Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is RainyChat?

RainyChat was created by someone like you, and is dedicated to anyone who feels like talking for a while. Sometimes we are burdened by the stress of our everyday lives and need to talk about it with someone; to make that happen, RainyChat allows you to find a partner and vent any thoughts, issues or problems you may have, or discuss your ideals and dreams, or simply chat for a while; whichever makes you feel better. If you want, you can also be the one listening - giving a helping hand can be a very positive and refreshing experience, giving you a sense of well-being and acomplishment.

What makes RainyChat unique?

There are many chat sites out there, but very few of them focus on user experience. RainyChat attempts to fix that, by letting partners feel at home when they vent or listen: There are no ads to bother you, chats are secure and never kept in our servers, and our engine uses the best technology to deliver messages quickly and recconect automatically if your internet fails - even if you accidentally close the chat. But the best part? We let you relax with soothing rain sounds.

Do you take feedback for the site?

Absolutely! Send me a mail at [email protected] with any ideas, or changes you'd like to see implemented - I read all feedback and push updates to the site frequently.

Are the people I connect to professionals?

No, anyone can use the chat feature, meaning the people you connect to are users just like you. Whoever you chat with is likely to have little to no experience as a therapist, so take anything you are told with a grain of salt!

My partner is being unconsiderate/offensive, what can I do?

If you feel uncomfortable or that you aren't being understood, feel free to disconnect and find someone more to your liking. On the other hand, if you feel your partner is trolling, flaming, being offensive, abusive, or sexual, please use the report button available at the end of the chat. An algorithm determines when a ban is needed.

Do you accept donations?

My goal is to keep RainyChat forever free of ads and payed content. With the site being worked on in my spare time, server costs are something I have to take care of constantly. Any help you can provide helps me keep RainyChat online and dedicate more time to work on new features! Currently you can donate via Paypal:

Are there other options to find support or advice?

While RainyChat focuses on directly connecting you to a partner to chat, there are some alternative sites where you can take your time to type out a message and get back a carefully written response later on. I recommend Asking Jude, a website which helps people every day. Go check it out!

What is your privacy policy?

We do not keep any information or logs from our users. Your conversations stay between you and your partner.

Terms of Service:

RainyChat is not responsible for any conversations or advice given while using the chat feature, as well as for any personal information you choose to disclose to your partners. Users are not professionals, and the chat is not intended for mental illness diagnosing, nor as replacement for medical advice. Please seek medical attention if you feel you need help!